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PC1 is gradually restructuring to invest in the field of renewable energy after many years of development and construction as a former company specializing in power construction and installation, particularly the construction of wind power projects, the supply of equipment and materials, providing digital conversion solutions and energy storage solutions. While doing so, it still maintains its core strength as a reliable and qualified EPC contractor.

The general contractor for wind energy facilities

Wind farm construction

PC1 has successfully COD wind power projects ahead of time to enjoy preferential electricity prices due to its experience in wind farm construction as an EPC general contractor. This is the result of constantly improving management capacity, researching and investing in advanced equipment, and developing a team of qualified personnel.

The Enterprise providing solutions for digital renewable energy

renewable energy solutions

Energy security and grid stability have been impacted negatively by the rapid investment in the renewable energy industry. These include problems like power imbalance due to lack of supply capacity or grid overload. Renewable energy solutions, such as power forecasting systems, energy storage systems, SVG reactive power compensation systems, and monitoring systems for underground cables have been offered by PC1 Group to solve the aforementioned issues.

The role of each solution is as follows:

  • The capacity forecasting system is used to forecast the future electricity production of solar power plants and wind power plants using operational data and plant information.
  • The energy storage system is responsible for speed control, frequency regulation, pressure regulation, and power generation time shifting, which aids in reducing line congestion and increasing renewable energy consumption.
  • By assisting with generator control and automatic voltage regulation, the SVG reactive power compensation system aids in the resolution of unstable power generation due to weather-dependent energy resources.
  • The underground cable monitoring system assists in limiting accidents caused by underground cables, avoiding economic losses, reducing the time and frequency of power outages, replacing weak cable segments quickly, and supporting active and efficient grid operation.

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Enterprise providing a solution for energy storage

Energy storage solution

The energy storage solution of PC1 is applied to distribute power and optimize photovoltaic output; reducing the load on the national grid transmission system. When combined with a renewable energy system, it stores excess renewable energy electricity; for use when the day’s renewable energy source is exhausted. When combined with grid electricity, it saves grid electricity during low-priced use during times of high prices. As a result, electricity bills for consumers are lower.

A prestigious and experienced industrial electrical construction company

industrial electrical contractor

As an industrial electrical contractor, PC1 constructs and installs many substations and power transmission lines with voltages up to 500kV for EVN’s internal and external partners. PC1 promises to be one of the best choices for customers looking for a reputable and professional industrial electrical contractor due to the professional working process; highly qualified staff; modern equipment; long-term warranty and maintenance.

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Why should you work with a dependable EPC general contractor EPC PC1?

Following nearly six decades of construction and development and a high level of expertise, PC1 Group has established itself as a leader in the field of solar power plant general contractor and energy investment. The company demonstrated its strengths in the development of a number of large-scale solar power plant projects, earning the trust and appreciation of customers and investors. PC1 not only owns competent construction human resources but also optimal equipment and techniques, ensuring construction progress and technical standards. Therefore, when becoming a partner of PC1, customers will receive the best treatment of solutions from design, equipment supply, installation, and operation to maintenance. Furthermore, PC1 is always committed to providing prestigious and quality services, ensuring work progress for customers and investors.


Tax code: 0100100745; Ticker symbol: PC1

Building CT2-No. 583 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, VN

Hotline EPC: 0978.299.298

Email: epc@pcc1.com.vn

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